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A Bedford home is good when they buy it, better when they decorate, and at its best when made ready for sale.

exterior5_after_mlsThis young couple loves their home, and it shows. It’s still a work in progress when a job opportunity forces a move.

Knowing they wish to sell quickly and for as much as possible, their agent, Candice Stafford of Coldwell Banker in Bedford, refers them to AtWell Staged Home to help finish the decorating they began and stage their home to sell.

The initial consultation takes just a few hours. The goal is to create an even flow and a cohesive feel throughout by mixing existing items along with a smattering of rental furniture and art, as required.

There’s just one snag along the way. The day after the consultation I wake with a 101-degree fever. Despite that, I’m extremely clearheaded and able to pick all rental items online from my sickbed.

On our staging day I’m delighted to hear the agent say that the house looks “natural.” In other words, it doesn’t look staged. The best compliment I can receive. I’m thrilled that she notices because we want buyers to see this home at its best, not wonder who staged it.

In just 10 days this 3,400-square-foot Colonial home in Bedford, NY, is ready for sale. The home goes on the market in the dead of winter and is in contract in less than 25 days. Looking and showing its best, this home sells for $1.25M (92% of asking).

living4_beforeFormal Living Room – Before
The formal living room contains only a sofa and candelabra when we begin. This picture is taken at the end of the initial consultation, as we begin to bring in pieces from other rooms, such as a club chair from the family room, two dining chairs and a small round table for the bay window, and a silk flower arrangement on the mantle. This gives us a good idea of the type and size of pieces we need to rent in order to finish the space.

living4_after_mlsFormal Living Room – After
Two accent chairs and a mirror are rented. Pillows, a throw, and other accessories are found in the home. Home owners purchase a fern and orchid to finish the space.

blue_bedroom1_before Blue Bedroom – Before

blue_bedroom1_after_mlsBlue Bedroom – After
Art and twin bed with frame are rented. Queen bed is moved to vacant pink bedroom while bedding is used in the guest bedroom. Home owners purchase new budget-friendly bedding from Target to finish the blue theme. All other furniture and accessories are found in the home.


Blue Bedroom – Before

blue_bedroom2_afterBlue Bedroom – After


Dining Room – Before


Dining Room – After
Bold rental art is added to finish this space.


Bonus Room – Before


Bonus Room – After


Bonus Room – Before


Bonus Room – After


Bonus Room – Before


Bonus Room – After
At the end of the initial consultation we realize that all we need to finish this bonus basement area is a sectional sofa and three art pieces. Game table, metal chairs, lighting, and accessories are all found in the home. We create three areas, one for games, another for toy storage/play, and an area to watch TV.


Family Room – Before


Family Room – After


Family Room – Before


Family Room – After


Pink Bedroom – Before


Pink Bedroom – After
Queen bed from blue bedroom is moved here while bedding from guest bedroom is also moved here. Only items rented are the art and nightstand.


Guest Bedroom – Before


Guest Bedroom – After
No cost staging uses bedding from the blue bedroom, chair from the kitchen, and pillows found in the entry.

And here are a few listing pictures…


Living Room – After
Prior to staging this bay window area is empty. Two dining chairs and clients’ small round table are added during the initial consultation. Just an orchid is purchased.


Entry – After


Kitchen – After 

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