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Do you think offering a lower price than the competition will guarantee a quick sale? Are you willing to lose thousands to avoid the work required to fully market your home? If you answered yes, please remember that price reductions alone won’t sell a house:

Price reductions won’t make buyers fall in love with a property

All buyers have a list of items they want in a home. But, when a buyer really loves a home, they throw out that logical list and buy the property anyway. If all they love is the price, that’s probably not enough to make a sale.

Price reductions won’t make a home move-in ready

Many of today’s buyers are busy two-income families. They don’t have the time or money to do major fix-ups and renovations just to move into their new home.


Living Room – Before Home Staging
Here’s what this room looks like first time this home is on the market.


Living Room – After Home Staging
Here’s what this room looks like after a 3-hour agent-paid “working” home staging consultation. This time around the home sells.

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