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How Home Stagers describe their services may mislead some into thinking they are getting something for nothing.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are no free lunches. These are just a few of the lessons life teaches. So what is a free home staging consultation? Since Home Stagers charge for their advice, I have to conclude that a “free home staging consultation” is code for “sales call”.

“A real professional will charge you for the initial consultation. Be suspicious of anyone willing to come to your home and give you a free estimate. Home Stagers should be charging for their time and their expertise; if they aren’t you should question the quality of the information you receive,” warns Debra Gould, home staging expert and President of Six Elements Inc.

AtWell Staged Home keeps it simple and bills all services by the hour. We always begin with a 2-3 hour working consultation. At the end, home sellers know exactly what’s needed to prepare their home for sale. The seller then decides how much work they will do themselves or if they would like further assistance from AtWell Staged Home.

These Bedford Hills, NY, home sellers are glad they invested in a three-hour home staging consultation. Within just eight days of listing they accept one of several offers.

free home staging consultation - dining room after home staging

Dining Room – After Home Staging
Prior to staging this dining room is being used as a playroom. Savvy home owners know that to sell their home they will need to convert it back to a dining room. A minor inconvenience, but well worth it for such a quick sale. This transformation takes place during the consultation. Total cost? The purchase price of a new art piece and fresh flowers.

free home staging consultation - basement after home staging

Basement – After Home Staging
The basement is being used for storage. But to really maximize every space in this house, these home sellers give it a purpose and convert it to a family/play room for $0.

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