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AtWell Staged Home creates DIY home staging plan for anxious – but determined – home sellers. After 14 months and no sale, home sells 4 days after staging.

A large 5-bedroom split in Katonah, NY is taken off the market after 14 months and no sale. The home sellers are trying a new approach – home staging. AtWell Staged Home develops a detailed and budget conscious DIY plan, aggressively implemented by nearly 30 volunteers over a two week period. The only items purchased for this transformation are paint and a slipcover. The approach works. Four days after going back on the market it sells.

“A family’s life changed and all it took was a plan, some paint and a slip cover,” writes Staging Diva Debra Gould. Read the complete story of this transformation in her article:

New York Home Stager Helps Ailing Home Owner Make Quick Sale

I am thankful and moved by the actions of compassionate volunteers, a caring Realtor, and committed sellers. Staging helps sell a home faster and for top dollar, but sometimes the rewards are greater.

Guest Room Before

Guest Bedroom Sitting Area – Before Home Staging

Guest Room After

Guest Bedroom Sitting Area – After Home Staging
No cost staging. Sewing and crafts room transforms into a relaxing sitting area.

Guest Room Before

Guest Bedroom – Before Home Staging

Guest Room After

Guest Bedroom – After Home Staging
Clutter is removed, furniture rearranged, and fresh bedding is found in a closet. $0 dollars spent to decorate this lower-level guest bedroom.

Kitchen – Before Home Staging

Kitchen – After Home Staging
Wallpaper removal, thorough grout cleaning, and fresh paint make this room shine.

Family Room Before

Family Room – Before Home Staging

Family Room After

Family Room – After Home Staging
Simple decluttering and the removal of the gym return this space to a family room

Den Before

Den – Before Home Staging

Den After

Den – After Home Staging
Fitness equipment is replaced with owner’s old kitchen table, now a game table in this family space.

Living Room Before

Living Room – Before Home Staging

Living Room After

Living Room – After Home Staging
By removing the small sofa and window treatments and framing the window with paint, the focus returns to this rooms best feature, the large window.

Entry Before

Entry – Before Home Staging

Entry After

Entry – After Home Staging
Large empty entry is made inviting with the addition of a chair and table.

Sewing Room Before Home Staging

Storage Room turned Sewing/Hobby Room – Before Home Staging

Sewing Room After Home Staging

Storage Room turned Sewing/Hobby Room – After Home Staging
All the sewing items from the guest bedroom need a new home and this basement room is serving no purpose. Now it’s a great hobby room.


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