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Are you hiding your room’s biggest assets? Every room has one, and once identified, home staging by AtWell Staged Home ensures it’s the first thing buyers see upon entering.

It wasn’t in the budget to replace the early 90’s dusty rose carpeting, but it didn’t mean attention couldn’t be drawn away from it. Luckily this room had two great, built-in distractions: large windows and high ceilings.

Working within the client’s budget, the easiest and most cost effective solution is to simply remove all window treatments.

After home staging, the space looks brighter, larger and more modern. Prior to home staging, the eye is directed into the room, at the furniture. After removing the blinds the eye goes to the window, the high ceilings and great view.

Showing off the positives and playing down the negatives. Sounds simple enough, but often times hard to do in a space you have lived in for a long time.

Bringing in the fresh eyes of a professional home stager can make you thousands with just a minimal initial investment.

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