Home Staging: From Rehab to Rental

Home Staging techniques rehab an undesirable condo into a highly desirable rental unit.

Nobody is going to want this condo. At least that’s what this real estate investor thinks. Why?

It’s not because of the community. It’s Heritage Hills in Somers.

It’s not because of the location. It’s in a private cluster with only 6 homes and plenty of guest parking.

It’s not because of the floor plan. It’s a 2-bedroom end unit all on one level.

What makes this home less desirable than most in this community are the five different wallpapers and original 1980s baths.

Since it’s difficult for most people to see past these things, it’s the perfect opportunity to make an offer and buy this home for a good price.

A “mini-staging,” using decorative items in the kitchen, baths, built-ins and on the fireplace mantle, helps to make this home feel welcoming and warm without the expense of rental furniture.

To augment the light staging, all areas are painted bold, yet neutral, classic colors, clean bright white is added to the trim and ceilings, and all new white outlets, light switches, and thermostats are installed throughout. It’s the details that count, especially if you are not planning to stage with furniture. The major financial investment involves the bathrooms, which are decades overdue for a major overhaul.

The total investment is just $15k in labor and materials but the Realtor feels that $20 to $30k is added to the bottom line. The unit rents within one week with multiple offers.

We hope you enjoy these room-by-room transformations.


Hall Bath – Before


Hall Bath – After
How do you update this space at minimal expense without opening a can of worms? A series of small updates and changes including a new toilet, sink, cabinet pulls, mirror, light fixture, bold but neutral paint color, removal of the soffit and smoothing of the popcorn ceiling, are made. Eventually this bathroom will be completely made over, but for now, these changes will suffice.


Master Bath – Before


Master Bath – After
The majority of the budget is spent here with an almost total gut–including new toilet, tile floor, vanity, mirror, light fixtures, exhaust fan, and tub glazing. To get top dollar, this electric blue just has to be vanquished from this space. Classic subway tile is always appealing and one of the best values in tile.

Kitchen – Before

Kitchen – After
The biggest changes are new lighting, a new floor (that at first glance appears to be tile. but is just a few hundred dollars’ of durable linoleum), and paint. A small detail, knobs on the cabinets, adds that touch of “jewelry” the kitchen is missing.


Entry – Before


Entry – After
First impressions start here, and this window treatment and wallpaper have got to go! The lighting is also updated for just $5 per fixture by simply removing the glass covers, adding a new liner, and viola, brighter more modern light!


Living/Dining Area – Before


Living/Dining Area – After
Having the carpets stretched makes them feel new. Selecting insulated window treatments large enough to cover the sliding glass windows are both attractive and energy saving. (Yes, vertical blinds would have been ideal, but my allergy to vertical blinds would not allow for this option.)


Master Bedroom – Before


Master Bedroom – After
Not much work is required here. Removal of old window treatments with an inexpensive–but new–venetian blind and new paint finish this space.


Second Bedroom – Before


Second Bedroom – After
Similar to the master bedroom, little work is required here. The mirror is removed as it’s too taste-specific and feels odd in an empty space. You never want buyers or renters thinking, Why is that there?


Deck – Before


Deck – After
The best update is the simplest update. Remove the awning. The metal prison like bars look awful in the winter, and it costs too much to have the awning maintained. A retractable awning would be nice, but the expense can’t be justified for a rental unit. The added light makes this unit that much more desirable.


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Home Tweet Home: Best Real Estate Tweets for June 2014

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Home Staging…

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6 Staging Pitfalls Sellers Should Avoid | @TruliaPro
In many cases, staging will determine how easily a home will sell, but luckily, it’s one of the few factors that your clients have control over. With a little guidance from their great agent (read: you!) any smart homeowner can get their home picture perfect and buyer ready.

Selling Your Home…

The Best Season to Sell Your Home—and Why | @REALTORdotcom
Timing really is everything when it comes to home sales. Getting your asking price, and even attracting multiple buyers, can simply be a factor of the time of year when the home is sold.

Home Decorating For Mass Appeal: Choices You Make May Affect Your Home Sale | @RealtyTimes
One of the advantages of owning your own home is the ability to decorate it and make structural changes the way you like. However, when it comes time to list and sell that same home, those changes may help or hurt you depending on what you have done to the house.

Home Design…

How To Renovate Your Kitchen For Under $500 | @RealtyTimes
Looking to redo your space but lacking the funds? You can actually get a whole new look without a big hassle – or a big expense. With some tips and tricks and some effort on your part (and maybe that of a few of your friends), you can fix up almost any space for under $500.  

12 Deadly Decorating Sins | @houzz
Are your room designs suffering from a few old habits? It may be time to change your ways

Career Development…

Whose version of success are you living? | @Terri_Cole  @PosPositive
Maybe you consider yourself ‘successful,’ which is great. However, I want you to check in and honestly ask yourself if you are living your version of success, or that of someone else.

Customer Service…

12 Most Indispensable Habits for Keeping Your Customers Blissfully Happy | @TRYBusiness
By establishing the following essential habits, you’ll soon start reaping the many benefits of keeping your customers on your happy train.

Just for Fun…

How to See Without Glasses | @YouTube

Ten Reasons Not To Move To Texas | @RealtyTimes
For the last several years many news sources have reported that Texas is THE STATE with the most and best of everything, however Realty Times has come up with 10 great reasons people may want to reconsider moving to Texas.


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Home Staging Heritage Hills: Putting the Pieces Together

Home staging is a puzzle, but Bonnie’s home has all the pieces to produce a speedy sale.

Bonnie needs to sell quickly and move even faster. As a savvy home seller, she seeks the advice of a stager to make her home stand out from other properties for sale in her community of Heritage Hills in Somers, NY.

Agent Deanna LaBarbara of Coldwell Banker in Somers, NY, recommends Susan Atwell of AtWell Staged Home to help Bonnie achieve her goals.

Bonnie’s 2-bedroom, 1,500 square-foot condo is up-to-date and freshly painted, but she’s looking for assistance with placing art, accessorizing, arranging furniture, and deciding which things should stay or go. Making these decisions quickly and implementing a plan are major reasons for recruiting professional assistance.

With no basement or storage unit available, we decide to neatly fill the garage with the excess items.

My favorite memory of the home staging sessions is moving the sleeper-sofa from the guest bedroom to the living room. We knew it would be possible even if it appears that the house is built around this heavy sofa. If the sofa had made it into the bedroom, there must be a way to take it out.

Bonnie suggests putting it on end, and with lots of wiggling, sweat and furniture slides, we pop it out the bedroom door and slide it into the living room. (This is why it’s important to wear machine-washable clothing when staging. You never know what trouble you might get into.)

I love Bonnie’s can-do attitude and determination, the two most important ingredients—more than even money—when preparing a home for sale. Read in Bonnie’s words how all this effort is rewarded:

Thanks for all your help staging my condo. I want you to be aware that I received more than $25,000 over the Realtors’ recommended listing price and $11,000 over the actual listing price on my Condo and had multiple cash offers within 7 days of the listing (within $1K of each other).

Your help made the difference. You have a real talent!

I have two friends to whom I am sending your newsletter who are interested in your services. I may request some professional assistance with arrangements once I relocate—so store those images in your head!

- Bonnie S., Somers, NY

Home Staging Heritage Hills - Bathroom After Home StagingMaster Bathroom – After Home Staging
Not much to do here but accentuate the clean and updated space with some fresh towels, art, and accessories.

At the broker open house, agents think the home always looked this way. (The perfect feedback because a home should never scream, I’m staged!)

The agents ask, What did you do? That’s when I walk them to the garage showing them the neatly stacked mounds of furniture and storage containers. Next I describe how the rooms looked prior to staging.

Bonnie’s agent is also thrilled with the results. Here’s what Deanna had to say:

The unit looked great!! You did an outstanding job and I know the home owner was so pleased with all your work. She was very excited and thrilled! We had showings immediately, which lead to a quick sale. All your hard work showed!

I will be referring you to some other clients soon!! I would also love for you to come in to one of our office meetings so I can promote all you do as my sincere thanks! Most of the agents know your work, but there are some new agents that would love to meet you.

Deanna LaBarbara
Coldwell Banker, Somers, NY

Bonnie had beautiful furniture, art, and decorative items to begin with, making my job not only easier but great fun too.

As with most homes, the pieces required for a quick sale are there already. The secret is knowing where to put them. As a home stager, these are my favorite puzzles to solve.

Because we start staging at the first meeting, no before pictures are taken, but we hope you’ll enjoy these listing pictures with descriptions of how the spaces looked prior.

Keep in mind that each room is staged using just what the home owner already has.

Home Staging Heritage Hills - Lving Room After Home StagingLiving Room – After Home Staging
The infamous sleeper sofa moved from the back bedroom to the main living space replaces an oversized – and less comfortable looking – wicker sofa. Furniture that blocked access to the window, including a demi-lune sofa table, which is now just visible on the left wall, is removed. The comfy chair is placed to the left of the fireplace and just one additional chair – the mate to the one on the right – is moved to the dining area.

Living Room – After Home Staging
(From a different angle.)

Home Staging Heritage Hills - Dining Room After Home StagingDining Room – After Home Staging
By removing one section from the wall unit, the room appears larger and allows us to add the chair from the living room. The secretary on the far left is now visible after being moved away from the entry to the kitchen. In its place is the smaller plant stand (shown on right). We also add – yes, add – a leaf to the dining table to keep it in scale with the room.


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Consumer Guide to Home Staging

Have questions about home staging? Download the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) consumer guide to home staging and learn:

1. How home staging works

2. Staging benefits for sellers

3. Staging benefits for buyers

4. How home staging shortens the time your home spends on the market

5. How home staging increases your home’s resale value

6. Quick and easy tips to get your home ready for the market

7. Hiring a professional stager vs. doing it yourself

8. Key things to consider when hiring a professional stager

9. What to expect when working with a professional home stager

10. Helpful hints for showing your home

And much more…


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Home Tweet Home: Best Real Estate Tweets for May 2014

AtWell Staged Home’s real estate Tweets are jam-packed with useful tips, fun quotes, great articles and more.

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Home Staging…

Staging Diva Grad Debuts on CBS News Show | @StagingDiva
There’s nothing like appearing on a TV news show to boost your credibility as a home stager! It’s happened to me a few times and I’m so proud to see Staging Diva Grad Stacy Goade of Alaska Premier Home Staging make her debut as well.

Selling Your Home…

Want to Sell Your House? Price it Right! | @KCMcrew
The housing market is recovering nicely. Prices have increased nationally by double digits over the last twelve months. Competition from the shadow inventory of lower priced distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) is diminishing rapidly. Now may be the perfect time to sell your home and move to the dream house or beautiful location your family has always talked about.

A Cost VS Value Opinion | @RealtyTimes
Before you invest in remodeling, it’s wise to think about upgrades that get you back the most back money when you resell.

Home Design…

What Really Makes Us Happy at Home? Find Out From a New Houzz Survey |@houzz
Great design has a powerful impact on our happiness in our homes. So do good cooking smells, family conversations and, yes, big-screen TVs.

12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better | @houzz
Get a great result even without an experienced touch by following these basic design guidelines.

Career Development…

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently | @HealthyLiving
While there’s no “typical” creative type, there are some tell-tale characteristics and behaviors of highly creative people. Here are 18 things they do differently.

15 Best Apps for Busy Small Business Owners | @SmallBizLady
Every year we resolve to make our lives a little bit better. The dilemma is how to execute past the first quarter excitement. These tools will help you get there.

Personal Development…

Marketing Quick Tip – Create Tweetable Links | @MartinaIring
You’ve probably noticed tweetable links on other blog and websites. Essentially, with just a click, you’re able to share something (whether a comment, quote, statistic, fact or something else awesome and interesting) via Twitter. Creating such tweetable links makes it SUPER easy for anyone reading your content to share that juicy little tidbit. And we all know in our time starved lives, if it’s easy and fast, we’re much more likely to do it.

How to Overcome Fear – Video | @BrendonBurchard
Most fear is just bad management of our mental faculties.

Social Media…

New Twitter design – a tour & to-dos for your small business | @MartinaIring
I have now been granted access to the new Twitter design, so I thought I’d do up a quick post about the changes and most importantly, what you as a small business owner need to know.


Your only limitations are those which you set up in your own mind, or permit others to set up for you. -Napoleon Hill


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Home Staging Shows Seller the Money!

Decorating client’s testimonial foretells of a quick sale. But no one – not even the home stager or agent – anticipated a sale this quick and this profitable.

Gary purchased his downtown Stamford, CT, condo 2003. At first, he makes a few changes, such as buying new furniture, painting the den/office a popular red and updating a bathroom, but then progress slows.

Finally in 2009, Gary decides to get his home fixed up. He’s not sure if he’s staying or selling, but he knows it needs an update either way. In this testimonial, Gary explains his situation back in 2009 when we work together the first time. These are his goals and how we achieved them:

“It was time for a change and I had put off any major renovations for several years. So I asked Susan to advise me on making my home more livable and saleable after learning I might relocate for work. Susan gave me the best options to sell or dwell – without spending a lot.

We agreed to paint every room and update the baths and fireplace. Susan explained the choices – due to my color blindness – and chose a palette that was neutral but not bland. She also helped find the best way to organize each room while displaying my favorite personal items.

I’m really proud of my home and look forward to showing it off to friends and family. It doesn’t just look good, it feels good. More inviting, modern, bigger. I have no doubt, that when I do finally have to sell, buyers will feel the same.

The majority of this transformation took place while I was away on business. I put my trust in Susan and she successfully combined my likes and desires while adding value.

- Gary Y., Stamford, CT, 2009

In January of this year, Gary decides to sell. Because the home has already been updated, staging is relatively quick work. A little shopping and a half-day to stage and the home is ready to show.

The condo lists on a Thursday afternoon, and within an hour, three showings are scheduled, two for Friday and one for Saturday. I suggest Gary take a mini-vacation to the city for the weekend. That advice seems to pay off because of the seven home buyers that view his condo between Friday and Sunday, all seven make offers.

The agent, the owner and I all know the home shows well, but I guess we underestimated how well. The unit does not have hardwood floors and the parking is not great, but even so, it sells for $25k (7%) over asking in a cash deal.

Here’s what Gary said about this experience:

“Well, Susan, it all worked to plan. I was able to enjoy the upgrades while I was living here and they certainly helped when it came to selling. As you know, the home sold for much more than the asking price with seven interested buyers. Thanks for all your help decorating and staging my home. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

- Gary Y., Stamford, CT, 2014

Oh, and by the way, Gary invested $25k in the changes made in 2009 and 2010. So how fortuitous that this is the exact amount over asking that he received. I would consider that an incredible return on investment.

Remodeling and budget-friendly updates, combined with home staging, show this Stamford, CT, home seller the money! Enjoy these before-and-after images of this whole home transformation.

(Click images to enlarge.) 

Entry/Office - BeforeEntry/Office – Before

Entry/Office - After Entry/Office – After
No matter how you enter this home – through the garage or front door – this is the first room you see. Defining this little used and slightly awkward space as an office/study should appeal to most home buyers.

Main Bath - Before

Main Bath – Before

Main Bath - After

Main Bath – After
New 48″ vanity replaces a too small pedestal sink. Also added is a new mirror, paint and the beige toilet from the powder room. We keep the floor and lighting as these were relatively new updates done by the home owner.

Main Bath - Before

Main Bath – Before

Main Bath - After

Main Bath – After
With very few doors in this open floor plan, all doors are updated from flat to paneled.

Powder Room - BeforePowder Room – Before

Powder Room - AfterPowder Room – After

Powder Room - BeforePowder Room – Before

Powder Room - AfterPowder Room – After
Do you recognize the pedestal sink and toilet in this powder room? You guessed it. Since these were way too small for the main bath, we swapped them! And the bisque colored toilet works perfectly in the main bath. Both baths are remodeled for just $1,800.00 in materials by creatively improving on the home owners upgrades.

Guest Bedroom - BeforeGuest Bedroom – Before

Guest Bedroom - AfterGuest Bedroom – After

Master Closet - Before

Master Closet – Before

Master Closet - After

Master Closet – After
Doors are added as soon as the home is to be sold.

Kitchen - BeforeKitchen – Before

Kitchen - AfterKitchen – After
Molding above the cabinets and all new paint update this kitchen for very little expense. If Gary stayed longer, this space was next to be updated.

Master Bath - BeforeMaster Bath – Before

Master Bath - AfterMaster Bath – After

Master Bath - Before Master Bath – Before

Master Bath - After Master Bath – After

  Master Bedroom - BeforeMaster Bedroom – Before

Master Bedroom - After Master Bedroom – After

 Master Bedroom - BeforeMaster Bedroom – Before

Master Bedroom - After Master Bedroom – After

Living Room - BeforeLiving Room – Before

Living Room - AfterLiving Room – After
Click here to get a closer look at this fireplace makeover.

Finally, click here to view and learn more about this home’s dining room makeover.


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Home Tweet Home: Best Real Estate Tweets for April 2014

AtWell Staged Home’s real estate Tweets are jam-packed with useful tips, fun quotes, great articles and more.

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Home Staging…

Real Estate: How to Clean Your Spring Listings | @ArcoCleaning
The spring rush is about to start, as the weather gets warmer more and more housing listings will be on the market. When selling a home cleanliness is key from the outside to the inside.

Selling Your Home…

17 Hacks to Get Your House Sold | @RealtyTimes
If you’re like many sellers, you think your house is perfect and you can’t imagine why it wouldn’t sell exactly like it is right now. This is a common problem. It’s called “You can’t see what’s right in front of your face because you’re enamored with your house-itis.”

5 Strategies for Pricing a Home to Sell | @Reader’s Digest
Once you know your home’s value and have a price range in mind, it’s time nail down the final “list” price. Here are five pricing strategies for sellers.

Home Design…

Accent a Room With Colorful Trim | @houzz
Watch rooms come to life when you add color to trim, mantels and more.

12 Great Decorative Alternatives to Curtains | @houzz
Filter light and views while drawing the eye by dressing windows in specialty glass, artistic screens or snazzy shades.

Career Development…

Signs of Quality: 10 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Trust Factor | @BigBrandSystem
Most businesses use some of these signs of quality. But does yours use all of them?

Home and Family…

Get the Family to Pitch In: A Mom’s Advice on Chores | @houzz
Foster teamwork and a sense of ownership about housekeeping to lighten your load and even boost togetherness.

Social Media…

Google Authorship: The Complete Handbook for Getting Respect, Readers, and Rankings | @JonMorrow
What is Google Authorship? (And Why Should You Care?)

7 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Company Social Media Channels | @Sushi_DigitalAU
Are you unsure about the best way to manage your company’s social media presence? Here are 7 simple tips to help you get more traffic.

Personal Development…

9 Little-Known Habits Of Confident People  | @HealthyLiving
Here are nine things that confident people do that you can apply to your life.

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are  | @TED
Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.


“Laziness means more work in the long run.” -C.S. Lewis

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Westchester Putnam Real Estate Report: 2014 First-Quarter

Get “The Skinny” on the Westchester Putnam real estate market in this 2-minute video:

Below is the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors’ (HGAR) 2014 first-quarter report for Westchester Putnam real estate.

The region’s surge in real estate sales since early 2013 continued stronger still in the first quarter of 2014. Realtors participating in the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service, Inc. reported a grand total of 2,552 closed residential transactions in the MLS’s core four county service territory in January through March, an increase of 10.8% over the 2,304 closings in the same period last year. The increase from 2012 to 2013 was 8.8%, and compared to the recessionary performance of only 1,582 closings in 2009, the 2014 volume was 61.3% higher.

The first quarter closings resulted largely from properties that were listed and marketed during the late autumn and winter months of 2013. Westchester, which accounts for about 60% of the region’s real estate sales, led the way with a powerful 19.4% sales increase in its single family house sector, and 21.0% in its cooperative unit sector. Westchester condominium sales did not follow suit, however, declining by 15.2% from last year.

The next highest year to year increases in residential sales were posted by Putnam (11.9%), Rockland (7.7%) and Orange (4.2%). In all three counties the sales gains were largely in the single family house sector. In contrast – and as in Westchester – condominium sales were lower by about 15% in Rockland and Orange, and were unchanged in Putnam (though Putnam condo sales usually are few in number, e.g.,19 as per this report).

The robust sales levels kept the pressure on to maintain the region’s inventory which, at 10,014 listed properties at the end of the quarter, was 3.9% lower than last year at this time. In the single family house sector, Orange posted the largest decrease (6.3%), followed by Westchester (3.2%), Putnam (2.6%), and Rockland (0.7%). Continue reading this report here.

To compare this report with earlier reports, visit Market Statistics at HGAR.com.


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The Economics of Home Staging in Patterson NY

What is the first step a professor of economics takes when selling his Patterson, NY home? You guessed it. He hires a home stager!

It doesn’t take a PhD in Economics to know that staged homes sell faster (but it doesn’t hurt to understand economics either). These homeowners crunch the numbers on home staging and find it to be part of a fiscally sound plan that would allow them to sell their home quickly and retire in Florida.

So before they call a Realtor, this professional couple takes the time to prepare their home for sale. They began the transformation a few months earlier by replacing carpeting with bamboo flooring, painting the home a neutral white, and packing.

But then they aren’t quite sure what to do next. Maybe this home staging stuff isn’t as easy as it appears on TV. Maybe it’s time to call in a professional. Someone who has done this before. Someone to guide them.

Home owner Allen finds AtWell Staged Home on the Internet. We speak with him and his wife, Robin, a lawyer, later that evening on the phone. Before hanging up, we schedule the initial consultation for that weekend, when both are available.

During the initial three-hour consultation in this 4,000 square-foot center-hall Colonial on 150 acres in Patterson, NY, we review the entire home and have enough time left to completely stage one space.

Dining Room/Entry After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Dining Room/Entry – After Home Staging in Patterson NY
The dining room, the first space buyers will see upon entering the home, is the logical place to start. Prior to staging, all dining-related furniture is on the left half of the room and other miscellaneous furniture is on the right. Spreading the furniture out over the entire space makes this the grand dining room that it is—a great place for entertaining and holiday gatherings.

Dining Room/Entry During Home Staging in Patterson NY

Dining Room/Entry – During Home Staging in Patterson NY
For fun, here is what it looks like just after moving out all the extra pieces. (Sometimes things get worse before they get better.)

They see the impact of the changes immediately, as we hang art on the blank walls, bring in plants from the living room, rearrange and edit the furniture, and accessorize the hutches and table with pieces from their collection of crystal.

When we are done, Robin asks, When can you come back and do the rest?

The main floor—which holds the eat-in-kitchen, dining room, family and living rooms—is in relatively good shape. The real challenge comes from the four upstairs bedrooms, bonus room, and walk-up attic. These rooms are packed with oversized inherited furniture, accumulated over many years, and in need of a good thinning out.

Additionally, with all white walls and lots of neutrals, we need to streamline the spaces to go with this more modern feel.

We bring in a professional organizer Andrea Bowser of Space Matters in Yorktown, NY, along with two assistants, and after a creative planning session with the home owners, we stage the home in a single eight-hour session.

With a place for everything and everything in its place, a cleaning crew spends the following day focusing on a deep clean in order to erase any traces of the recent construction, placing a special focus on the kitchen and baths.

Another professional cleans the micro-fiber sofa, which is relocated from the master bedroom to the bonus room. He even washes the windows for us.

Finally, a handyman comes and fixes the kitchen island, making it sturdy once again.
From the time of the initial consultation to the final home staging, this home is ready in just two weeks.

In reward for all their effort, the home sells within 30 days and these home owners retire to Florida, exactly according to plan.

Bedroom Before Home Staging in Patterson NYBedroom – Before Home Staging

Bedroom After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bedroom – After Home Staging
The only items purchased for this entire home staging project are two bed sets, fresh towels for all baths, and three small pieces of art. Other than that, we use just what the home owners already have.

Enjoy some more transformations…

Guest Bedroom Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Guest Bedroom – Before Home Staging

Guest Bedroom – After Home Staging

Smallest Bedroom Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Smallest Bedroom – Before Home Staging

Smallest Bedroom After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Smallest Bedroom – After Home Staging

Bonus Room Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bonus Room – Before Home Staging

Bonus Room After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bonus Room – After Home Staging

Bonus Room Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bonus Room – Before Home Staging

Bonus Room After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bonus Room – After Home Staging

Bonus Room Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bonus Room – Before Home Staging

Bonus Room After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Bonus Room – After Home Staging

Kitchen Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Kitchen - Before Home Staging

Kitchen After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Kitchen – After Home Staging

Great Room Before Home Staging in Patterson NYGreat Room – Before Home Staging

Great Room After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Great Room – After Home Staging

Great Room Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Great Room/Kitchen – Before Home Staging

Great Room After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Great Room/Kitchen – After Home Staging

Master Bedroom Before Home Staging in Patterson NY

Master Bedroom – Before Home Staging

Master Bedroom After Home Staging in Patterson NY

Master Bedroom – After Home Staging


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Home Tweet Home: Best Real Estate Tweets for March 2014

AtWell Staged Home’s real estate Tweets are jam-packed with useful tips, fun quotes, great articles and more.

Read this month’s top real estate Tweets:

Home Staging…

8 Shockingly Bad Staging Decisions (And What to Do About Them) | @TruliaPro
And while, ultimately, buyers should be more focused on the bones of the home—the things that will stay after the current owner has vacated—staging can often be the difference between a buyer bonanza and a dearth of hot offers. Don’t let your sellers suffer at the hands of poor staging.

Seven Things Sellers Should Do Before Placing Their Home on the Market |  @RealtyTimes
As the Spring time approaches, many homeowners who need or want to sell will make the decision to place their home on the market for sale, since Spring is considered the best time of the year for home sales. However, prior to making that decision to place your home on the market, there are at least 7 crucial things that the Seller should do before putting up that ‘For Sale’ sign.

Selling Your Home…

Check out: Real Estate 2014: The New Wisdom | @aolrealestate
When the housing bubble burst, a damage-control mentality replaced decades of conventional real estate wisdom. With the housing market now rebounding, there is still uncertainty. The old rules — such as getting a fixed-rate mortgage and refinancing when you can — don’t apply. But the post-bust rules don’t work either. “There’s a new, new emerging wisdom.” 

Making Sense of Your Appraisal Report | @YahooHomes
Before any lender will loan you money to buy or refinance a home, the lender will attempt to get some idea of what the property is worth. After all, the real estate serves as the collateral that you will be putting up to secure the loan. Typically the lender will order an appraisal report. The value returned on this report will determine how much the lender is willing to lend. Here is a simple guide to help you understand this sometimes very confusing document.

Home Buying…

Buying in a Tight Market with Low Housing Inventory | @RealtyTimes
Increase your chances of getting your first, next, dream home in a competitive housing market, and lower your chances of losing out to another buyer!

Home Design…

How Much Stuff Is Enough? | @houzz
Play the numbers game to streamline your belongings, for a neater home and a less-stressed you.

9 Planning Musts Before You Start a Makeover | @houzz
Don’t buy even a single chair without measuring and mapping, and you’ll be sitting pretty when your new room is done.

Career Development…

How Incredibly Successful People THINK | @YouTube
This is Brendon filmed unscripted, in a single take, without a prompter or notes. Quotable from this video: “Successful people take their current limitation and put it on their agenda as a job to do, as a thing to figure out and make happen.” – @BrendonBurchard

Personal Development…

15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do | @EliteDaily
There is a particular aspect of mental strength that is the deciding factor of whether or not you will have a good life. There are many levels to mental strength and all are needed to be successful and happy. The one particular area of mental strength that has the greatest impact is that of emotional strength.

Portrait of a Reformed Terrible Housekeeper | @houzz
See how a man who once stashed dirty dishes under the couch is turning over a new leaf for a neater home

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